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Because of reductions in telecommunications costs and advances in information technology, many companies have expressed a significant interest in relocating a number of business processes to lower wage countries. This interest has fueled the growth of both captive and outsourced processing and customer contact centers in emerging economies. However, this migration presents both opportunities and unique challenges.

Although firms are attracted to these locations by lower direct labor costs for a variety of back-office positions, Vinirma Consulting Pvt Ltd believes that establishing and operating back-office and customer care activities in emerging economies poses a unique set of human capital challenges that many companies are not considering as part of their analysis.

Each of the key human resources (HR) processes, from identifying candidates to managing turnover, requires a blend of both standardized and localized policies, practices and interventions to help ensure a cost-effective, motivated workforce.

We focus on the challenges and good practices associated with a number of key HR processes, including:

· Strategy -- Understanding where centers should be located and how they should be organized
· Recruitment and selection -- Determining where to find new candidates and how to screen potential employees
· Learning and knowledge management -- Enabling the organization to educate employees and share good practices within and across centers
· Recognition and retention -- Motivating and retaining individuals in competitive labor markets
· Leadership -- Developing leaders that motivate employees and build a cohesive corporate culture.

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