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Helps to optimize your business

Understanding where centers should be located and how they should be organized. Developing short and long term technical strategies and solutions to ensure the organization is gaining the most from their IT investment

· Platform & Development Strategies
· Integration Strategy
· System & application inventory and cost analysis
· Architecture Review
· Web Strategy

Building an Integrated Strategy

· Thinking strategically while working the day-to-day business issues
· Deciding which comes first: technology, product, quality, market, manufacturing, distribution or finance
· Understanding the influence of culture and values
· Selecting a dominant strategy that integrates marketing, R&D, and production strategies
· Focusing on the winners, dropping the losers
· Examining your firm's mission and strategic intent
· Measuring integrated, strategic planning progression

Tying It All Together

· Determining your stage of functional linkage and integration
· Linking objectives, culture, and key success factors
· Gaining agreement and commitment, and overcoming conflicts
· Translating the strategic plan into the annual operating plan with departmental and business unit objectives, action plans, and budgets

Executing the Plan

· The leader's role
· Making strategy happen—the key to success
· Getting your people to assume 'ownership' for implementation
· Importance of communication, organization, and culture
· Using TQM, MBO, matrix management, process, and network teams for implementation
· Measuring and rewarding successful planning
· Making strategy planning a process, not a one-time event; with follow up and flexibility for change

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