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Helps to optimize your business

Marketing and customer intelligence services focus the use of customer data to provide differentiated responses to an organization's existing or proposed customer base. Our solution provides:

· Analytics and analytical models that enable the appropriate actions to be identified
· Business processes - and the technology required to support them - that make use of the analytics
· Organization and training required to operate the new business processes
· Data required to deliver the analytics and business processes

Marketing and customer relation

Our customer relationship management services include a full range of marketing and customer intelligence services, including:

· Business intelligence and customer analytics strategy
Review a client's current activities within business intelligence, understand business requirements, and create strategy roadmap to address the gaps in the current environment to meet the vision.

· Campaign management implementation
The implementation of the hardware, software and process to meet the campaign management vision, leveraging our alliances with companies such as SAS, Siebel, Unica, and others.

The potential benefits of our marketing and customer intelligence services include:

· Increased effectiveness of targeting and customer segmentation to optimize "marketing spend"
· A tighter ROI and measurable payback on marketing campaigns
· Adoption of new processes and technologies to reduce campaign cycle times and costs
· Increased understanding and tracking of customer profitability and customer behaviors

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